A constant growth of car thefts (or thefts in the car interior) is increasingly reported in the news. Nowadays, self-assured, high-tech thieves quickly operate in crowded areas and broad daylight as well.

The LOKICAR system may easily combat this.

This is an alarm device for vehicles, designed and implemented to solve problems such as the cloning of the access codes to radio controls, as well as the detection of RF jammers used to inhibit their operation. 

LOKICAR:  intercepts, stops, enables.

The system intercepts and stops the reception of illegitimate encrypted codes fraudulently transmitted, only recognizing the commands sent by the transmitter supplied with our alarm system. When detecting a cloned code, the system enables a series of programmable alarms (sirens, flashing lights, GPS tracker, phone calls, text messages, etc.) and other devices (dashcam, RF locator, etc.).
Doors are opened using the original system supplied with the vehicle, but when integrated with our alarm system only. 

For example, during an attempt of theft by cloning the codes:

 the device enables the dashcam according to a programmed timing. The recording may be used by the insurance companies and the police to combat crime and insurance frauds.

How LOKICAR works

LOKICAR consists of a control unit that interfaces with the vehicle by means of serial and non-serial connections. It includes a GPS tracker, a GSM/GPRS communication system, a Bluetooth interface and a RF KeeLoq ASL that dialogs with a mobile transponder.

The entire system can be remote controlled to enable and disable the required circuits, by means of apps for mobile devices that can be downloaded from the Stores (iOS, Android, WindowsMobile), of from applications for desktop devices.

Italian patent No. 0001416252 - European patent No. 2961641
USA patent No. 9776598


Same functional features of LOKI.
Specific device with digital/analogue interface CANBUS/OBD used by Operation Centres for the management and tracking of car fleets. Customizable on request.

Questions about LOKICAR?